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The story of Amba Jewellers begins in the year 1971 in Bhawanigarh a small town in Punjab (India). Mangal Ram decided to take the family gold making tradition to a different level and commercialise it and that’s where Amba Jewellers came into existence.

The legacy of Gold making was taken ahead by the next generation where Late Shri Ram Krishna and his son Vijay Ashta the grandson of Mr. Mangal Ram took the business to new heights and Amba Jewellers became a common name in Punjab.

When you belong to a family with such rich tradition and skilled ancestors, I guess there is nothing that gets in their way. Amba Jewellers not only got popularity in India but also put a mark on the Global Map by starting their exclusive Jewellery store in Edmonton, Canada.

Now Amba Jewellers has become a common name in Edmonton when it comes to traditional and modern 22 karat (22k) Gold Jewellery makers. The Amba Jewellery is now managed by the next generation of the Ashta Family, Jasdeep SAshta and his wife Angela.

Amba Jewellery not only specializes in 22k Gold but also has an exclusive collection of diamond Jewellery. Amba Jewellers gives you the latest and modern design that are available in the market and can custom make any design according to their client’s preference. Though they have kept pace with the modern time but still Amba Jewellers continue to follow the legacy of traditional Jewellery making like traditional Kundan Jewellery sets, custom handmade jewellery and so on.

They also give their customers a chance to sell their old gold or exchange it for a new one. Amba Jewellers is popular for their 22k gold rings, earrings, and necklaces. They are also known for their special wedding collection but what makes them different is their making charges on these items which is way too low from the industry standards.

Amba Jewellers procure their gold from Dubai and Singapore which are known all over the world for their quality of Gold. Amba Jewellers make sure that people of Edmonton get the best and purest form of Gold. THE LEGACY CONTINUES………


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